Michael Keaton To Star As John McAfee In Upcoming Biopic King Of The Jungle

John McAfee has made tremendous efforts to promote the use of crypto and blockchain technology. Presently, the astounding story of McAfee's life is going to get the Hollywood treatment with the upcoming and forthcoming film King of the Jungle.


Movie Was Written By Joshua Davis

The movie has been listed on IMDB. It is based on an article that was written six years ago by Joshua Davis. Most of the movie’s content can be found in Wired magazine. Moreover, it is widely expected that it will star academy award nominee Michael Keaton. This is according to the information given by the researcher Ari Furman.

Keaton will play McAfee, maker of the McAfee Antivirus programming. McAfee made a fortune out of his eponymous software empire before leaving human civilization and moving to the wilderness of Belize. McAfee was famosly the owner of a cache of firearms. Besides, Keaton said that he was not afraid of the media’s attempts to disclose the story. He stated that this is not the first time the press is sensationalizing his story.

Finding The Man Who Would Be King

It was an uphill task to get an actor to depict John McAfee. It required a courageous individual who can convince an audience and who is is capable of performing the assigned role. Most Twitter followers are aware that McAfee prefers having Morgan Freeman portray him.

Last year, The Inquirer distributed a treatment for a screenplay with Freeman in the role of John McAfee. The pitch ended up being for a non-existent screenplay, which is a disgrace, since it could have been really epic.

Additionally, Freeman refused the offer to depict the 72-year old McAfee. Rather, Johnny Depp was most preferred due to his job as Jack Sparrow in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean establishment. He was cast and was linked to the film for a substantial time during the year before being fired. McAfee concedes that he campaigned for Depp’s expulsion in spite of having once applauded his acting chops.

When asked why he made the decision, he said the p*ssy could not deal with his drugs. He further said that, he was not aware about the fate of other performers considered. However, he confimed that there are some rumors circulating around the industry that Peter Dinklage was being considered.

Obviously, Crypto Twitter clients had their very own assessments regarding who should play McAfee. Christian Bale, Vigo Mortensen, and Bryan Cranston are only a couple of names that have been hurled around.

Since Michael Keaton's role has been confirmed, it is still to be seen exactly how well he can fill McAfee's shoes. For his part, McAfee appears to a be truly idealistic individual and hopefully Keaton can bring that out in his charachter.

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