Michael Alexander Assigned as New EOS CEO

Former CEO of Jefferies Group, Michael Alexander, has been appointed as the new leading head of’s EOS Venture Capital. 

The newly-appointed CEO will operate both investments and partnerships of the venture capital. The company plans on supporting the companies that operate on its EOS framework through an investment of well above one billion dollars funded through various partnerships with the VC. A reported $700 million has already been raised.


President of, Rob Jesudason, stated that company’s efforts towards the EOS system were essential in expanding the technology and its uses through its environment. He added that the new CEO was a banking expert and well-renowned among peers for his contributions to finance throughout Asia.


With around 25 years in the industry, Alexander was also an executive for an investment bank in Hong Kong, and was in charge of Deutsche Bank’s APT department.


The CEO expressed joy in joining the new project, stating that the company was the leading contributor to the advancement of technology in addition to being one of the world’s rapidly advancing companies.


Alexander was granted the position only a few weeks after EOS publicly released their platform, with reports of many problems surrounding the technology and its native regulations.


2 years ago

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