Miami is Becoming a Hotbed for Crypto Trends in the US

Florida has made its mark in the crypto sector after Papa John’s once delivered only two pizzas worth the equivalent of over $60 million in crypto today. Now, Miami is hoping to claim the title of BTC capital in the United States.


Miami has witnessed an upwards trend in BC and digital currency gatherings over the past few years. This doesn’t come as a surprise after its vast history in regards to the crypto sector- the first NA Bitcoin Conference was held in the city, but even more importantly, it is where ETH was birthed.

The NABC held this year drew in greater numbers of startups and was responsible for raising millions of dollars. The next big conference expecting to become a hit is Blockchain Shift due to take place later this month. This gathering aims to host Tesla, Bloomberg, and many more big names.

Miami Revolution

Miami’s revolutionary move to install cryptocurrency ATMS via BitStop now serves both Florida and California with a vast transaction network.

George Levy, one of the names that has made waves in the industry, is a lecturer of BC tech, and played a huge role in creating the BIT, an online school that focuses on teaching potential investors about crypto and BC tech. Levy has won various awards for his initiatives, and now boasts students in over 160 countries worldwide.

Alongside his lectures, he makes appearances in many. Now, his sights are headed to South America where BTC and crypto in general has begun to trend. He is currently working in the engineering sector at the University of Curaçao.

Levy said that there is a plethora of innovative initiatives produced in South America, particularly in Argentina where developers are working on various projects. He mentioned that being in Miami allows him to be flexible and engage between the regions much more efficiently.

S. American consumers have seen crypto as a means to dodge economic oppression for the past few years, as indicated by BTC’s large base in Venezuela. The small nation has a lacking fiat ecosphere that has created difficulties for locals.

Due to its deep-rooted connection to Latin America, Miami is able to be a source for renewed sentiments regarding crypto in S. America due to their political unrest, close distance, and primarily Spanish-oriented population.

Through a large and varying crypto ecosystem, many regulation-related concerns begin to present themselves. One of the Florida government’s decisions to designate a “crypto chief” to monitor the thriving industry. The state’s CFO Jimmy Patronis said that active monitoring and a full, thought-out approach makes for a good atmosphere to discuss and negotiate upcoming tech and innovations.

2 years ago

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