MetaMask Classified Ethereum DApp As An Active Scam

MetaMask claims that its actions are meant to protect customers.

Block Option Introduced Against 333ETH

MetaMask has announced that it blocked a DApp linked to ethereum, 333ETH. The DApp is considered to be the most prominent on the ethereum network. MetaMask is a wallet and an extended ethereum DApp. The block was reported on Friday.

333ETH offers infinite payouts for ethereum users through smart contracts upon the first down payment. However, 333ETH has become the latest Ethereum DApps to be hit with scam allegations. Tracking platforms like DAppRadar categorize MetaMask as the most popular DApp.

Why MetaMask Acted Swiftly

Through a Twitter post, MetaMask stated that it decided to come up with the block since 333ETH was turning into a scam. MetaMask has maintained that its actions are to ensure that clients do not lose money in suspicious transactions. MetaMask further added that the block will not be mandatory.

A statement confirmed that there will be a feature that will enable clients to skip the block since they don't want to force users into visiting a certain page. MetaMask further dismissed reports that 333ETH was the most prominent DApp. It stated that the website was phishing customers.

Fomo3D and PoWH 3D have come out to acknowledge that they are not a good investment venture due to inadequate finances. The two are part of ethereum products released in 2018.

In its description, Fomo3D states that it is an “ironic jab at the cryptocurrency ICO world.  Such a description remains questionable. DappRadar data states that 333ETH at the moment has more than  7000 ETH under the smart contract.

2 years ago

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