Melvyn Goh Signs up with NEO

As every blockchain startup competes to climb to the top, many have already distinguished themselves as leading figures. NEO has built its own reputation as a successful cryptocurrency with a positive performance rate for quite a while now.


A project on NEO’s network under the name of Moonlight has just announced the addition of Melvyn Goh to the project’s team. As his new position, the former Forbes China head executive will be leading as a strategic advisor leading many supporters of NEO to believe that the company is pulling out its biggest assets. In light of this, a possibly colossal development for NEO coins and its network seems promising.

As the former president at Forbes China, Goh was an adamant supporter for its 30 under 30 lists. As part of the Harvard Business Review China, the ex-president has his hands deep in many innovative projects, developments, and business, providing priceless strategic advice to many of the biggest names in the industry.

Prior to his time at Forbes China, Melvyn was also the executive head of Mindshare, another company with a clientele consisting of IBM, Rolex, and others. His expertise also spread to the likes of Mindshare Worldwide EXCO, an agency with over one hundred offices in 80 different global venues. 


Mr. Goh was awarded the Agency Head of the Year in 2011 due to his numerous contributions to the industry and Alan Fong, Moonlight’s co-founder is incredibly positive in the decision to bring Mr. Goh on board.

Speaking about Melvyn Goh and the project, Fong explained how the company was on the lookout for a very long to find a unique and expert executive to become part of their team. As part of the company’s goal to assist them with strategic expertise regarding the markets and businesses, they continued looking for a dedicated individual aiming to break past barriers and continue expanding.

Alan then stated that the addition of Mr. Goh to the team was incredibly beneficial given his knowledge and expert background. Moonlight is a decentralized blockchain adamant on causing disruption throughout the industry and providing companies with expert and professional teams. 

As of now, NEO is holding strong in its position as the 12th leading cryptocurrency on the market, with a price of $35 per coin. Neo’s total market capitalization is also capped at more than two billion dollars and almost 100 million dollars in daily trade activity. 

2 years ago

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