Mega-Corp General Electric to Combat Fake 3D-printing by Using Blockchain

General Electric, an international mega-conglomerate, has announced plans to introduce new authentication procedures through blockchain utilization to verify the authenticity of each individual part in its assembly line.


GE aims to continue fighting fake parts manufactured through 3D-printing, as the technology has taken to new heights in recent years as a more efficient and resource-costly production method. By adding blockchain to their systems and building a new framework, GE has reportedly already patented their idea. As per the report, it highlights a verification process utilizing the application of blockchain on 3D-printing to distinguish between a genuine and fake product.

By creating a platform designed purely to monitor and regulate manufacturing within the company’s line, this allows General Electric to identify and record every production process undergone through its company. As the filed patent states, this technology provides several solutions to the issues plaguing the industry regarding fake products and their manufacturing. The new system will provide the required and official authentication of each part produced.


Referred to as “additive manufacturing”, the process of manufacturing fake products results in a publicized means of adopting the same method for producing fakes. Once a product of any sorts has undergone additive manufacturing, any 3D-printer can replicate the same process and result in the manufacturing the exact product.

This process sets several complications due to the difficulty of verifying the basic requirements of any original product. In the filed patent, the company stressed the need to introduce a records system designed to track and log any process utilizing additive manufacturing to provide a legitimate validation method for any products. General Electric has previously filed five separate patents discussing the potential behind blockchain technology and aircraft services. 

2 years ago

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