Meet The Three Women Spearheading Crypto Adoption

A number of lawyers have come out to work on legislation that will spearhead crypto adoption.


Females Lawyers On A Mission To Promote Crypto Adoption

With each passing day, the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector is growing. The growth can be viewed from upcoming blockchain projects, stablecoin launches and the number of jurisdictions approving digital currencies.

However, the main issue has been regulation, when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Many legal experts are coming up to assist in formulating the right laws for the sector. The following three lawyers are taking the lead on the pushing for the rollout of cryptos in a legal manner.

The first is Sydney Schaub. According to Schaub, for the crypto sector to attract many people, establishing trust is fundamental. The lawyer has experience in Initial Coin Offering. She worked for Associate General Counsel for five years where she oversaw the launch of Square Inc ICO. She was charged with providing legal advice on the expansion of the ICO to different regions.

Last month, she was hired by Gemini as senior counsel. She joined at the time when the firm was launching the GUSD stablecoin.

According to Gemini, Schaub has a good reputation in the sector since she can handle complicated deals. Gemini CEO Tyler Winklevoss stated that Schaub’s addition to the platform will be valuable.

Her role at Gemini will entail building consumer confidence. Additionally, she seeks to recruit members who have been scared about cryptocurrencies.

Another legal mind in the sector is Joshua Ashley Klayman. Her major focus is to link additional investors to the cryptosystem. Klayman is the proprietor of Klayman LLC. The firm is a boutique blockchain based law firm in New York. Among global cryptocurrency laws, Klayman is among the top 12.

In her own words, when the media and the public learn more about cryptos, the number of investors will spike leading to the mainstream adoption of digital coins. Klayman believes that it is key to have legal systems to enhance smooth transition into the crypto world.

On the other hand, we have Veronique Dalli. Her main purpose is to assist different jurisdictions to understand the cryptocurrency sector. Dalli is credited with founding Dalli Advocates with headquarters in Malta. The law firm plays a major role in helping companies settle in Malta.

Malta is considered as a lax jurisdiction for the cryptocurrency sector. The European island nation wants to become the ideal model for cryptos globally. Despite the rapid development, Malta still has some legal gaps. Dalli is now on a mission to have national laws updated in order to incorporate cryptocurrencies.

2 years ago

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