Medicine Industry to See First Blockchain Takeover

In a recently published study, researchers have explained that the medical industry will be the first to see a complete blockchain takeover, although it most likely will take a while. Researchers discovered that medical institutions are investing heavily into blockchain technology to drive a faster incorporation of the tech into medicine, and advance the sector.

Great Potential

One point highlighted that blockchain utilization within fields of medicine can see a much more secure future. Connected networks will be able to quickly transfer medical information amongst each other securely and efficiently, allowing for the industry to shave off expenses. 


Among the other potential uses of blockchain would be automated drones capable of “learning” through applications designed on the peer-to-peer network to aid those in distress until authorities can reach them. Machines capable of supplying medical equipment during times of crisis are among the many applications seeing incredibly fast advancements.


The report also strongly states that IoT will be the leading cause in healthier and technologically advanced cities in the future.



As with any new technology and creative plan, setbacks will always occur, the report states. Every blockchain must be hack-proof and consist of incredibly advanced defensive protocols due to the amount of important medical data operating on it. Another issue is blockchain communication, which must be absolutely flawless for the networks to function properly and consistently.


Researchers have also stated that the EU’s new GDPR changes regarding deleting personal data is one of blockchains’ biggest problems due to the unchangeable nature of its information- a measurement implemented to provide full trust.


Some suggest that blockchains could be exempt from the newly-implemented regulation as startups continue operating.

2 years ago

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