Media: Telegram’s $1,7B Blockchain Platform to Launch in One Month

TON, the blockchain platform of the Telegram messenger, which managed to raise $1.7 billion of investment, is 90% ready. According to the plan, it should start working on March 1, 2019.
Last year, Telegram held a closed ICO for institutional investors and raised from them more than $1.7 billion for developing blockchain platform called TON. According to sources from the Russian online media The Bell, Telegram will show investors a test version of the platform in this month.

TON itself is 90% ready. In February of this year, the auditor should inspect it for errors and bugs, and in March, the platform will be working at full capacity.

Together with the platform, Telegram plans to release its own cryptocurrency - Gram. According to The Bell, the messenger is in talks with the largest crypto exchanges in Asia and Europe. For the first time, a coin can appear on Japanese cryptocurrencies trading floors.

1 year ago

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