Media Platform Launches online Bitcoin Tracker

The feature is aimed to quash the notion that the largest crypto is used to aid crime.


Longhash Bitcoin Tracker Unveiled

Longhash has unveiled its own Bitcoin Tracker. The platform is an online site involved in analyzing cryptocurrencies and the entire blockchain. The tracking platform is aimed at assisting investors and the general public by boosting transparency.

According to the site, cryptos are very murky when compared to the normal financial platforms. The anonymity associated with bitcoin is susceptible to criminals.  The sentiments might lead to a backlash from bitcoin lovers. The platform adds that for widespread crypto adoption we need to have tools that support accountability.

Cryptos that are private in nature are of interest to engineers. The focus is to bring about cash like purposes for crypto lovers. To determine who receives a bitcoin, the website has rolled out a bitcoin address search feature on the front page. They believe in order to bring on board institutional money, then transparency is key.

However, Longhash notes that identities of bitcoin address holders will not be revealed under the new feature. The aim is to quash the notion that bitcoin is meant for crime. They note that the feature will give investors an easy time to conduct transactions.

The Tracking Procedure 

When users click on the feature, they are able to conduct two types of address searches. They can conduct both the Fuzzy and Precise searches. Under the fuzzy search, users are required to key in a number of figures on the address.  People have the capability of looking at the richest addresses under bitcoin. For precise searches, they will show up instantly on the title.

According to longhash, addresses are ranked depending on a number of factors. They look at transactions and addresses used to sending and receiving money. In case an address is linked to a criminal one, the initial identity will receive a decreased rank. More trusted addresses are the one with higher ranks in the system.

If a user wants to know more about an address sending him money, Longhash thinks it can offer help in this area.  Addresses are categorized in four.  They have a light blue that involves mixing service. They also have magenta representing mining pool and a gambling platform is represented by orange. Lastly, they have light purple standing in for an old address.

2 years ago

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