MCO Acquires Domain

In a deal with the previous owner of, a highly sought after web domain, MCO has bought the name for an alleged ten million dollars. Matt Blaze, a professor from UoP, owned for years before agreeing to sell it.


As one of the companies to launch their cryptocurrency VISA cards without any complications, Monaco Card Project purchased the domain as part of its plan to expand its company and services further. The CEO explained that by adopting the domain name, the company would represent crypto in its entirety. Marszalek stressed that the company was fully focused on its operation and adamant on advancing.


As part of the company’s card, the service will rebrand its names to MCO, the name also shared by its coin. As many anticipate the first phase of cards to be released, MCO has seen a fifty percent increase on the market from its previous $4.6 low to a new $8.36.


While MCO mainly operates on OKEx due to Tether coins and the liquidity, Monaco does trade on Bitcoin as well. The token has dropped from a high above $24 and continues struggling to climb back so far this year.

Different Approach


As this point, the cryptocurrency is better off drawing in profits from its card services, although popularity among the use of crypto cards has swirled during the bearish trend. During 2017, card projects saw massively popular responses with initial coin offerings skyrocketing prices on the market. Litecoin had also reportedly developed a card system of its own.


Prices took a steep fall following the Wavecrest incident with Visa. Pay dropped to $0.063 after a high of $5.33 in 2017.

2 years ago

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