McGill Teams with MLG to Host New Blockchain Student Course

MLG Blockchain released an official announcement on the 12th of October unveiling the pilot version of its Blockchain Student Certificate program. The firm offering tech consultation for smart contracts and blockchain related technology has collaborated with McGill University in Canada. The MLG program will be based in Montreal and will focus on the impact and application of DLT.


Reports by the Financial Post claim that this blockchain certificate program will help facilitate students ability to gain a full comprehension of core fundamentals on the structure of blockchain platform operations.

Understanding Cryptocurrency Policy and DLT Utilization

In addition, the program will provide a full overview of digital asset regulatory policies alongside emerging use cases for crypto technology and DLT. The co-founder and McGill University student, Kabir Sethi, stated that the university established a basis in blockchain education in order to further promote and research the development of blockchain tech. He noted that the program is excited to pursue this mission with the support from MLG Blockchain in an attempt to broaden industry innovation whilst empowering future generations. Sethi stated that they hope blockchain certification will encourage students to contribute to the future of blockchain industry and help establish a secure and efficient technology for the future.

The pilot program is expected to begin on the 16th of October providing four sets of two-hour courses located within McGill’s campus throughout a period of two weeks. Those who are able to complete all course requirements successfully will receive a MLG Blockchain Student Certificate. Students that are keen to enroll in the new program must first undergo a registration process online.

A Slippery Slope for Commercialized Academic Programs

A rise in industry entities creating blockchain-focused educational programs has been noted around the world. A similar course by the UNH Law division participated in an October 9th press release hosted by CISION announcing that it too will be creating a Crypto/Blockchain Law certificate program. However, critics have made comparisons between the rising educational trend and the rapid decline in trust regarding ICO trends within the past year. As interest in ICO funding led to a growing trend worldwide, ICOs have fallen victim to countless forms of fraud and schemes gaining a bad rep within the crypto community.

The modern age of free knowledge at the disposal of the internet has left many speculative of whether these courses are worth the time and dedication needed to take part in both their development and student participation. CryptoGlobe discussed the need for requiring all blockchain tech and crypto-focused academic programs to be taught by industry experts possessing an appropriate background of credentials and industry experience for these programs to be taken seriously.

2 years ago

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