McAfees’ million: prediction’s supportive opinion

Back in 2017 odious John McAfee promised to show on a national TV channel his body part that you, obviously, wouldn’t have wanted to see. He swore up and down that till 2020 bitcoin will cost $1 million. Outside is 2019 and the cryptocurrency price is a bit higher than 5300$. There are a lot of hesitations that this prediction is real.

However, it’s not the one and only opinion of this type. Wences Casares (Xapo and PayPal CEO) has agreed with McAfee. He names much longer terms but he believes that upon the expiry of 5-7 years, Bitcoin will reach the cherished figure. To be honest, he is more circumspect and admits that the chances are 50:50.

His words are backed up by mathematical calculations.Based on the total issue of cryptocurrency of 21 million coins, it is necessary for 3 billion people to own it, so that each token will cost a million.

So far, 7 million people use Bitcoin. So there must be something extraordinary to push this number to the three billion ceiling in two years.

Nakamotojedi Team Opinion

Bitcoin achievements are quite productive.Cryptocurrency acceptance grows in a long-term perspective. There is also a lack of efficient payment channels, cost-effective and convenient financial services in many regions still. Cryptocurrency is often the only available payment option. We are sure that the price of BTC will rise soon!

1 year ago

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