McAfee Speaks Up About the Winklevoss-Shrem Legal Case

John McAfee, the popular cryptocurrency industry figure and renowned software developer, has recently discussed details regarding the current legal battle between Charlie Shrem, Bitcoin millionaire, and the Winklevoss brothers. The twins have been known to previously received millions from a settlement with Mark Zuckerberg, the Chief Executive Officer of Facebook.


McAfee Hints At His Opinion of the Crypto Twins

According to a Twitter post from McAfee’s official account, a photograph of himself with the Winklevoss brothers was captioned with a sarcastic tone that stated he does not trust anyone. He hinted the twins were in fact clones working with the CIA hoping to gain more information on the cryptosphere.  

The post was not conclusive as to what McAfee’s intentions were, however the Winklevoss brothers are currently undergoing a lawsuit targeting Charlie Shrem that they wish to maintain discrete about. The former co-founder of BitInstant, Shrem opted to plead guilty for helping users transfer BTC from USD in order to purchase narcotics and was recently released from his sentence in jail.

Trouble Continues to Follow Shrem

According to the lawsuit, Shrem was released from jail with no money, however he revealed he had been able to purchase luxury items, two powerboats, six properties, two Maserati vehicles, and much more. The Winklevoss brothers claim these purchases were made using money Shrem has owed them since 2016 amounting to $32 million.  

In addition to the massive amounts of funds Shrem is being held accountable, he has yet to pay a restitution fee of $950, 000 owed to the government for pleading guilty in 2014. This resulted in the processing of another case filed against Shrem by the courts.

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