McAfee: If I Run for President, I’ll Speak the Truth

American- British dual citizen and master computer programmer John McAfee is already making promised as he gears up to run for president of the United States of America.

The creator of the McAfee Anti-Virus tool, and ardent crypto supporter, recently made his decision to attempt a run at the 2020 elections. He has already expressed his goal of making crypto more mainstream, and advancing blockchain and digital assets in the global finance sector


McAfee believes that BC tech and digital currencies have allowed the worker community, who he previously referred to as slaves that have to be hired, to obtain a new type of freedom. In his most recent promise as a potential candidate for presidency, he says he will always speak the truth.

Even though he has attempted to run once before, he thinks he has no possible shot at actually winning.

In his most recent Tweet, he said that citizens don’t prefer to hear the truth, which is why politicians are so keen on lying. He mentioned that he doesn’t actually want to be president, he just wants to obtain a global stage.

Running for presidency on the basis of speaking the truth is certainly an appealing campaign, particularly in the current political atmosphere. However, it is highly unlikely that the tech mogul is capable of progressing very far.

2 years ago

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