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John McAfee, one of the world’s leading minds behind anti-virus development and crypto has once again stirred up a whole lot of excitement within the crypto-environment after announcing his latest endeavor,

Excitement all over

As of now, the new website is operating in its Beta phase. is John’s own creation, a website designed to analyze the prices of cryptocurrencies, similar to and presents users with continuously updated and live prices with a very user-friendly interface. 

Taking a look at the website, it presents an easy and clear way of functioning on it. The website also features a member’s area where investors and traders alike can participate, introducing a sort of social aspect to the website by allowing them to add contacts akin to social media networks and their friend request and adding features, however, no official statement or indication otherwise has pointed to further development of the feature granted it is still in Beta.

As the website states, it was founded at the beginning of this year based on a notion provided by members of the company’s team. As it happens, the goal of this project creates one central hub designed to educate and provide information about everything that crypto and blockchain-tech have going on. While many websites do offer the same service, McAfee’s website aims to further upgrade the concept and provide a different, unique approach. 

The website currently updates prices on the top one hundred coins by market cap and is backed by Tradingview as a means of providing a safe place for investing participating members globally that refuse to accept what is known as static prices or line charts on capitalization trackers. Furthermore, McAfee plans on introducing new cryptocurrencies and a live social network for every involved individual. 


In terms of the websites social networking section, users on the site will be able to collaborate together and provide insight, predictions, analysis and more regarding the price of cryptocurrency coins and ranked by successful predictions of potential prices. Those that rank high due to their predictions will be granted premium features on the site itself. 

As yet another unexpected endeavor by McAfee, he has clearly established himself globally as a leading figure in the crypto-blockchain era.

2 years ago

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