Mastodon Sees More User Interest as More Leave Twitter

Mastodon, a decentralized social media platform has been receiving increased attention from many BTC users operating on Twitter after failing to address the excess amounts of botnets on the website, tackling censorship and accounting blocking. The platforms user interface and its features are very much like Twitter minus any centralization and have so far managed to draw in 1300 crypto-users to its platform within just a few days.


Mastodon operates through several instances that enable users full review any content from each respective community or across any of their choosing. Bitcoin’s instance is supported by bitcoinhackers, and a few of its most active users are Akin Fernandez, founder of Azteco and the Chief Executive Officer of Satoshi Portal, Francis Pouliot.

Currently, discussions are being made for Mastodon to open its services and begin accepting BTC as methods of pay for being hosted and other users have asked for an addition of the Lightning Network’s tipping feature. Steve Hodel, the founder, as well as Matt Odell, a developer, and Hugo Gameiro, the open-source BTC payment operator,  are currently underway this week.

On the other hand, Twitter has been under heavy criticizing fire by an increasing number of crypto-users due to the social network failing to protect its users from infectious botnets promote fraudulent hand-offs and even acting as distinguished and famous individuals on Twitter. During the previous week, new reports revealed that crypto-botnets operating on Twitter were calculated to be within the tens of thousands and operators working around the clock to eliminate any botnets discovered.

As a response to the discoveries, the company stated that Twitter had indeed acknowledged the problem and is actively attempting to introduce new detection programs as a means of combating false accounts and user manipulation. Spam, as well as other specific automated procedures,  are forbidden on Twitter as a part of its policies. As a result, spam is often hidden or subtle on Twitter.

Additionally, the lack of transparency into tracking practices have raised several alarms and Guacomo Zucco, the found of BHB is the more recent individual within the industry to be temporarily banned without reason on the 8th of August. Other iconic figures have threatened to shut down their accounts and leave Twitter if Zucco’s account was not unbanned.

2 years ago

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