Mastering Bitcoin’ is Without Bitcoin in Chinese Ads

On the 19th of October, the Chinese channel CCTV run an advertisement on the Chinese version of Antonopoulos’ “Mastering Bitcoin” with the title slightly twisted.


The classic book first saw the light of day three years ago followed by a second edition published last year.

The book is the essential history and fundamentals of the crypto uprising. When translated into Mandarin, China Central Television edited the title by eliminating BTC altogether.

Strangely, adjacent to the edited Mandarin title, the English one is still the same. And according to the Chinese respondents of CT, the content is original without any further edits.

On the other hand, Antonopoulos’ glass is half full, he acknowledged the incident on his Twitter account by saying that despite editing the title, the text remains as is and that he’s hoping this will open more networking doors when he visits next year.


The crypto community is noticing the mixed signals from the Chinese and interpreting it in various ways. Concealing Bitcoin from the title seems fairly understandable given the Chinese roadblocks around BTC, but the confusing part is keeping the English title as is, suggesting that maybe there’s more to it than what can be seen.

The past years in China have not been kind to the crypto-space, with an escalating situation since 2013 that started with the de-tokenizing of BTC and banning of all crypto-financial institution collaboration then the complete ban of ICOs and digital currency exchange that was a spark of fire in the gasoline of rigorous limitations and a complete shut-down of crypto whether online or offline up until this year.  

It’s no surprise that ASPAC, and especially China has won an astounding number of blockchain patents last year, therefore, despite all the handcuffs around crypto, the amended title only showcases that it actually is chasing that blockchain merge led by the Central Chinese Bank.

Another notable announcement from the Chinese territory this week is the legislation of BTC and other digital currencies for all kinds of transactions.

1 year ago

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