Massive Mining Firm Bitfury Reached $80 M in Funding Session

BTC mining solutions company Bitfury stated that it was able to raise an impressive sum of $80 million during the latest closed funding session. This new round, which was hosted by a European venture capital fund called Korelya Capital, comes on the heels of rumors stating that the crypto mining firm was looking into an IPO.


Other companies who joined in were the formidable internet firm Naver Group from South Korea; Asian organizations Macquarie Capital as well as Dentsu Japan; and Galaxy Digital, whose CEO is Michael Novogratz.  

A New Step Forward

Bitfury’s Vice Chairman George Kikvadze stated that this step will improve the company’s governance as an institution, widen its choices of financial strategy, and allow the company to grow to its next level as the crypto mining market is maturing.

Even though the market has been facing some difficult challenges this year which has been affecting manufacturers, Bitfury has teamed up with Bitman to deliberate on an IPO option, which has been considered within various sectors of the crypto industry.  

1 year ago

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