Marvel Entertainment Considers Legal Action Against Startup

Marvel, one of the leading entertainment enterprises in the world, is currently contemplating on whether the company will file for legal action against a crypto-startup utilizing coins named Wacoinda. Marvel Characters, an extension of Marvel, submitted applications to extend the duration permitted on whether the company wants to take the startup to court, filing with the US PTO.

Possible Trademarks

Wilsondom, a company aimed at providing education and monetary services based on cryptocurrencies, was the trademark filing company. The Wacoinda trademark, should it see approval, will be dedicated to developing better education and stronger financial services to African-American communities.

Wacoinda was filed for trademarking in February 2018 although Marvel Characters has applied for an extension which only arrived during the last week as public notes have stated. The company has been granted an extension until the 14th of November to either present its opposition of the trademark or not. While an extension does not entail an ensured opposition, the company has yet to publicly announce or statement any of their own comments.

This is not the first incident in which a cryptocurrency has attempted to thrive off the success of Wakanda and Black Panther, the character and fictional location created by Marvel. Akon, a celebrity pop-star with Senegalese origins revealed his own digital currency, the Akoin and development plans for an “actual Wakanda.” According to reports, the new city has already begun construction and development and will pan out over 2000 acres of land handed as a gift by Macky Sall, Senegal’s President.

2 years ago

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