Marsh and IBM Bring Blockchain POI Service to Salesforce

According to a press release issued the 26th of September, the New York based global professional services firm, Marsh, confirmed plans to continue partnering with IBM on their POI solution utilizing blockchain tech.

Yet Another Major Industry Leap For Blockchain

The collaboration started this April with aims to develop the POI service and has now progressed to merging the solution into one of the largest CRM programs, Salesforce. The release announced that the firm will jointly work with IBM in order to offer customers a commercial POI service built on blockchain tech integrated into Salesforce’s platform. Salesforce also announced earlier this year that the CRM giant hopes to begin utilizing blockchain and crypto related technology by September of this year.

The project has been publicly announced during a San Francisco based industry event called Dearmforce 2018. Alongside Marsh and IBM, the project has also attracted major partners including the non-profit, Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development, a multinational insurance company offering data standards and industry solutions. In addition, ISN also joined the partnership for the blockchain solution.

Among the most recent deployment of IBM blockchain tech, the innovative platform offers a variety of functions developed by utilizing Hyperledger Fabric. This DLT has successfully been implemented in various use cases within 2018 alone. Sandip Patel, IBM’s general manager, discussed the projects aim to promote efficiency stating that DLTs have been proven to successfully boost efficiency throughout a variety of industries by providing improved transparency and higher standards of trust.

2 years ago

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