Manyverse Devolved Social Media Without A Blockchain

Many cryptocurrencies are adopting a devolved blockchain social network.  Steemit platform was the first to introduce this approach two years ago. 


The recent unveilings demonstrate that old social media can be transformed. Manyverse social network intends to decentralize its operations. Devolving its activities will ensure that customers receive better and more reliable services. The platform can work in the absence of a token since it is not made on blockchain.

Manyverse is similar to other social media networks like Facebook. The platform permits the users to post fresh content before creating new threads for reaction. Therefore, the users of other social media platforms might be reluctant to migrate to Manyverse. However, the platform has an additional feature that does not exist on other sites. For instance, it has the ability to manage sensitive information and content.

Devolution of Social Media

Manyverse operates fewer server farms unlike integrated social networks to keep the information it displays within the app. Any content produced by the user and their peers is stored on their particular devices. Original information is occasionally synced directly with extra devices to ensure that everyone gets the newest copy. This measure eliminates the challenges of depending on blockchain to create this decentralization. Additionally, Manyverse uses a regionalized conversation platform identified as Scuttlebutt.

The distributed model is better than a centralized one because it can be used when someone is offline. The project creators suggest that users can create comments and posts even if they are not connected to the internet. When connectivity is re-established through mobile data or WiFi, the new changes are transmitted directly to other identified devices. Therefore, it is possible for many individuals to share this platform.

Importance Of Using SSB Protocol

Andre, a Manyverse designer, was asked the importance of using SSB protocol by the members of the public. He responded by saying that it has been in development since 2012 and that during this period, the organization had sufficient time to mature as a devolved social protocol. The platform has a thriving community and strong disconnected capabilities. This allows the social network to operate in the absence of the internet.  Additionally, the platform serves a significant proportion of the disconnected community which is comprised of approximately 4 billion individuals.

Two individuals who are close to each other can sync their updated information through Bluetooth. This permits people continue conversing without the internet. It is advantageous to users who are in remote locations where the internet might be poor.

2 years ago

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