Manhunt Launched After Kidnapped Businessman Captors Demand Bitcoin

Capetown authorities have launched a manhunt following reports of a kidnapped businessman. As local news reports, 50 Bitcoins have been demanded to release of the victim. Liyaqat Parker was kidnapped earlier this week, with some reporting that it happened near his place of work.


Rumors have risen after Liyaqat Parker was kidnapped earlier his week, with many saying that a ransom of fifty Bitcoins has been made. As per reports, the victim was kidnapped from his office on Monday. Five individuals took him and have reportedly stated the conditions of his release through an alleged ransom.

Netwerk24, a South African news outlet, announced that a ransom was emailed to the publication, stating the demands of the kidnappers in return for Liyaqat’s release. So far, authorities have remained quiet on the Bitcoin ransom given the awkward nature of the situation. The Parker family lawyer also commented but refused to share any further information.

Authorities commented through a representative, stating that local authorities were currently investigating the kidnapping, ransom and assessing the situation and urged everyone to be patient due to the sensitive nature of the information and cannot be divulged before court examination.

Liyaqat Parker

As an established businessman and co-founder of the FPG in the Western Cape area, Liyaqat Parker was kidnapped last Monday. At the age of 65, Parker was a successful individual holding high positions in high places, like Brimstone Investment. 

His family made their own statements, begging his kidnappers to release Liyaqat due to his health conditions and his age and urged anyone with information leading to the captors to come forward. They also continued talking about Parker, explaining his various contributions to society in South Africa and his good nature.

Liyaqat isn’t the first victim of kidnapping to see a ransom demanding Bitcoin in return for release. Earlier this year, Katlego Marite was a victim of kidnapping at the age of 12 and a similar demand of 15 Bitcoin was made for his safe return. Katlego eventually made it home, although the conditions surrounding his release were never made public. Pavel Lerner was kidnapped in Kiev and a ransom of more than a million dollars in Bitcoin was handed over in return for his release.

2 years ago

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