Man Tortured by "Friends" Who Wanted to Steal His Cryptos

A complaint has been filed with the DA’s office in Manhattan, NY, regarding a group of men who allegedly started torturing their friend in his luxury residence to get a hold of his crypto account information after a night of heavy drinking.


Victim Tortured in His Apartment

One of the defendants is Stephen Orso, 25 years old, who forced the victim Nicholas Truglia to reveal his login data to his crypto accounts as he held his head underwater in his own bathtub, kept stomach punching him, and threw hot wax on him, as per the complaint filed with the court.

Cryptos, such as BTC, provide a medium for online payments and exchange activities. Orso, whose father is a well-off venture capitalist, and 3 friends. David Leica, 19 years old; Steven Dorn, 29 years old; and Chris David, 25 years old, all accompanied Truglia, who was extremely intoxicated at the time, back to his luxurious residence located on West 42nd St. around 2:50 in the morning of 7 September.

Surveillance footage reveals the group leaving the apartment after staying for 2 hours with David trying to conceal an item under his shirt which appeared to be a laptop. Truglia, who is 27 years old, complained to the authorities that when he woke up, he discovered his laptop missing, 2 mobiles, and also a flash drive that contained all his crypto account data.

It isn’t mentioned in the filed complaint if the four men, who often show off how extravagant their lives are on social media, actually got into Truglia’s crypto account and stole any of his funds. It isn’t mentioned either which platform he uses for his trades. Truglia stated that day following the incident he pinged his iPhone only for it to show up at the defendants’ shared place of residence.

Supposedly Truglia’s mobile was sent back to him by Leica the following day and the laptop was also returned by David as well and seemed to be splattered with wax.

False Claims

Stacey Richman, the attorney defending the four men, claimed these accusations to be false and that Truglia has retracted his statement. Richman says that her clients have only been trying to help Truglia home after drinking too much for his safety. She claims to have submitted audio evidence of the complainant admitting his accusations were false.

Luxury Living

All four defendants often show on their social media how luxurious their lives are, accompanied by celebrities like quarterback Johnny Manziel and Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis.

On Instagram, they share photos with a private jet posing and with beautiful models in many clubs and events on the red carpet.

Each of them is charged with 1 count of 2nd-degree burglary. They were let go without the need for bail and are awaiting a court date on 14 March to know the ruling.

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