A Man from Russia Indicted of Cybertheft of Open Servers to Mine BTC Might Get up to 5 Years of Jail Time

A Russian who is 21 years old, from the Siberian metropolis of Kurgan is dealing with the prospect of legal indictments for illicitly mining Bitcoins by means of government-owned servers, regional news office Ura.Ru announced on Tuesday, Oct. 16th, referring to an announcement from the local office of Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB).


The investigation discovered that the man had hacked open regime servers in 3 Russian areas. The security breach was uncovered when the Interior Security Division in the metropolis of Yaroslavl saw the aggressor’s efforts to hack their hardware.

The supposed cybercriminal was then accused of intentional utilization of software that "invalidates" a PC's system protection "out of self-enthusiasm." It is reported he could be sentenced to up to 5 years in prison, should he be found guilty.

As Cointelegraph already wrote in a survey of illegal mining instances, taking or unlawfully accepting power at the point utilized to mine,  is often punishable by incarceration,  unlike the mining itself. For example, in South Korea in April, law enforcement captured miners who deliberately leased processing plants and chicken farmsteads to get electrical power for significantly reduced rates.

Additionally, in another situation in New York during March, neighborhood authorities requested that miners stop their work after occupants of one township submitted an official protest to the authorities for the excessive use of subsidized electricity by nearby miners.

More of late, in October a Chinese chap was supposedly sent to prison for 3 1/2 years for stealing energy from a train station to power his BTC mining plant. On to of the jail sentence, he was also fined 101,001 yuan (approximately $14,601).

2 years ago

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