Malta Stock Exchanges Signs Several Deals for New Securities Markets

The financial technology sector of the Malta Stock Exchange has just signed several contracts with the purpose of creating a security token exchange market. MSX will be collaborating with Neufund, a securities tokenization platform to create a new decentralized and officially regulated international stock market for securities.

The Exchange

In a statement to the press, the new exchange will allow digital tokens deemed as securities to list and trade beside cryptocurrencies on the same platform. Regarding methods on how the new platform will be decentralized, no information was disclosed.

MSX and Neufund are launching a pilot for the exchange in 2018 and will include initial public offering on Neufund’s master market of tokenized shares. Trading on Binance’s exchange will be introduced later in a separate arrangement the global leading exchange made with Neufund once Malta’s regulatory authorities have approved.

According to Neufund, the new project will be the first of its kind in terms of security tokens and primary issuance on the exchange platform. Leading board member of the Malta Stock Exchange, Joseph Portelli, called the new platform a revolutionary step in digital finance. He adds that the stock exchange is over joyous about its new partnership and looks forward to the new BC-based digital exchange and its full adoption by financial markets on a global scale.

More Collaborations

MSX has partnered with a leading cryptocurrency exchange provider, OKEx in an effort to introduce the OKMSX, a new exchange designed to trade massive levels of security tokens by industrial investors on its platform. As reported, OKMSX will launch within the first quarter of 2019.

Malta, one of the most adaptive and accepting nations in terms of crypto and blockchain is consistently attempting to attract more potential startups and firms and passed three separate bills related to cryptocurrency, blockchain, and DLT last month. It has established itself as the first country on earth to approve of certain regulations regarding the technology.

2 years ago

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