Malta Hosts First University Run On Blockchain Tech

Joshua Broggi, a researcher from Oxford, plans to establish the very first blockchain-centered university based in Malta. He currently awaits accreditation necessary to begin the project.   


Researcher Plans to Build First Blockchain University 

In recent years, Malta has acquired its nickname as the crypto island, as it remained one of the most supportive bases for emerging crypto businesses and overall progression. In fact, one of the world's top exchanges, Binance, has confirmed their plan to base operations in Malta. 

According to an August 27 report by local news station, Lovin Malta, Joshua Broggi plans to open the world’s first Blockchain University in Malta he calls Woolf University. He stated that Malta is the ideal location for his project as offers a British oriented educational system as well as will remain a member of EU and Commonwealth post Brexit. He also noted meetings with Evarist Bartolo, Malta’s Education Minister, and the NCFHE have been very productive. 

The University itself will completely function on blockchain tech as well as automate administration and boost system securities. The University will not run as an online institute, plans are in place to encourage both in house and online courses. In addition, professors will be offered tokens and microcredits as compensation for providing students with tutorials and advanced experiences. 

Broggi participated in an interview with Forbes, stating that blockchain is used for efficiency when enforcing regulation requirements for accreditation, managing student tuition, as well as many other processes that make a school run smoothly. The blockchain based accreditation system allows both students and teachers who join from outside the EU to gain a full EU degree. 

Currently, the concept has attracted a number of potential qualified teachers, most of which originate from the University of Oxford as well as Cambridge, George Mason, King’s College, and more international institutions. 

Future Plans

Looking ahead, the Broggi’s Woolf University plans to have several regulatory partners. Broggi was first drawn to Malta as an ideal destination due to emerging regulatory laws. There was also talk of creating a native token to help support the institutes funds, however has received a substantial amount of private investments and delayed the ICO. 

2 years ago

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