Major Crypto Companies Included in Fintech 250

Some of the major names within the blockchain and crypto field are included in the 2018 CB Insights called Fintech 250. The list is produced on an annual basis ranking 250 firms in fintech with the most potential and this includes the wealth management, electronic banking, capital markets, and insurance sectors.


Multiple Variables

Research for the final list is based on information from a wide pool of about four thousand applicants and also nominees. Criteria for being included depends on a great number of elements and that includes the information that is provided by the company, viability in the market, and also models for the business. Each organization has a Mosaic Score designed by CB Insights; the algorithm is developed to measure the complete growth capability of private firms

Startup Growth

In discussing popularity and the expanding number of startups in the field, the report talked about the major change of the financial solutions sector by what they called insurgent startups due to a large number of brand new crypto startups on the annual list.

The total number of firms included on the final list for this year is 113. The most significant ones in the blockchain and crypto industry are Revolut, Coinbase,, BitFlyer, BitPesa, Ripple Labs, Robinhood, and, finally, Xapo. This is not the first time for these companies to be included on the list as some of them have achieved outstanding growth during the year despite the fact that the market is experiencing a downturn. It was announced last January that, a BTC wallet app created in the Philippines, has reached a milestone with 5 M users, effectively becoming among Asia’s biggest financial firms reaching quite a serious achievement towards the $400 B remittance market globally across the industry.

Data from the CB Insights further reveal that the Fintech 250 this year has raised $53 B in funds over the previous 5 years. The firms included within the 30 unicorns or those who arrived at a total valuation of $1 B include Robinhood, which is based in the US, currently at $5.6B, and also tech giant Coinbase which stands at $1.6B. Moreover, Robinhood has been featured as the leading Retail Investment and Secondary Markets firm that is extremely well-funded, this year.

There are no less than fifteen crypto or blockchain companies on the final list. Among that number, the 250 fintech organizations have reached $31.85 billion in 1 year thanks to 373 deals. Ribbit Capital is included as the leading venture capital investment firm because of its investment in Robinhood, Cross River Bank, Upgrade, Wealthfront, Gusto, and Coinbase

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