Main Suspect in a Multi-Million Bitcoin Fraud Captured in Thailand

Thai national Prinya Jaravijit, who purportedly swindled a Finland financial specialist, Bitcoins valued at $24 Million, has as of late been captured at Suvarnabhumi Air terminal in Bangkok, as detailed by a daily paper on 12th October.


As per the daily paper, Jaravijit landed in Bangkok on an aeroplane from South Korea on the way from the US, where he supposedly was hiding for two months since his sibling's detainment regarding the similar fraud.

Not long after the capture Jaravijit, who was being pursued for crimes of connivance to cheat and illegal tax avoidance, was taken to near police station where he was interrogated. His legal advisors are purportedly getting ready to request for bond.

According to the Dailt paper, in Jan 2018, a financial specialist from Finland Aarni Otava Saarimaa alongside his Thai colleague Chonnikan Kaewkasee filed a complaint at the Thai Wrongdoing Concealment Division, (CSD). They stated that Jaravajit collaborating with six different suspects had tricked them into putting Bitcoin valued at $24 million into a plan comprising 3 organizations and betting-centered digital token Dragon Coin (DRG).

In any case, the two financial investors did not get any profits from the supposed venture, neither evidence of interest in DRG, or welcomed to an investor's gathering. CSD discovered that the assets were pulled back from their Bitcoin wallets, changed over into baht and afterward expended by the supposed swindlers.

As a web-based media earlier revealed, the incident was in the news when the TV performing artist Jiratpisit "Blast" Jaravijit — Prinya's more youthful sibling — was arrested two months ago.

Earlier this month, the Thailand’s Anti-money laundering agency seized assets valued at $6.4 million from Jaravijit's family and other individuals associated with the fraud, and is getting ready to accuse the suspects of extortion.

After his sibling was detained, Prinya Jaravijit allegedly run away to the US to escape charges. He was requested to come back to Thailand by 8th October, yet neglected to do as such. The Thailand immigration department at that point renounced his international ID which could not enable him reside in the US anymore.

2 years ago

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