Luxcore Assigns John McAfee as New CEO

A blockchain solution and services provider, Luxcore (LUX), has just announced that its newest Chief Executive Officer will be none other than John McAfee himself. Luxcore has stated that its decision to appoint McAfee as its CEO is one among many new revamping strategies the company is acting on as a means of attracting more substantial business and expansion of the Lux Coin.


Addressing the community through a message, the company revealed the new appointment, stating that it’s decision to hire John McAfee as the new CEO would contribute significantly to the company’s own and current reorganization to provide more growth for LUX.

On the other hand, as a well-known advocate of Bitcoin and crypto in general, McAfee has relentless supported the widespread adoption of crypto and recently commented on his new position, stating that he has indeed accepted the new appointment and that the company has been dedicated and continuously been working and will very soon introduce long-awaited blockchain features and will also continue leading his own development team at McAfee.

The company said that it operates and sustains itself by utilizing the game-changing PHI2 algorithm driven by DLT to consistently enhance and introduce its CPO, essentially the blockchain’s open-source cryptocurrency, LUX, and additional products such as LuxGate. Its ultimate goal is to integrate blockchain into the mainstream through closing the large valley between everyday customers and company users by introducing several new products offering dedicated use-cases for each respective type.

McAfee is undoubtedly one of the leading price predictors in terms of crypto. Adamant about any predictions he has made despite the conditions of the market, the all-time supporter of cryptocurrencies recently claiming that his newly designed wallet was 100% hack-proof stated that any predictions he made were only to be considered wrong if they failed to come true within a year and a half, which, according to him is the minimum standard for long-term investments.

He adds that any product recommended by him has already been purchased by John himself, attributing his attitude and methods to the reason behind his massive wealth and poising his yacht as an example. McAfee has supported cryptocurrencies since almost the very beginning and has earned his reputation and respect by opposing several decisions by many countries to tightly regulate crypto.

2 years ago

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