LTC Gets Closer to the $70 Mark, Reaching a One-Month High

The LTC has achieved its highest point since the 7th of August. As of today, LTC was trading at $68.59, showing a 4.2% increase from its last $68.18 rate. LTC stands as number 7 among the top cryptocurrencies with the highest market cap.

The market has been going through a bullish trend since the 20% rally in August, when lead BTC was as low as $6000. BTC’s price is also expected to get even higher, according to Coindesk, after it has broken out of the bear’s claws.

Expected Increases

On top of that, LTC is expected to get higher than $69 dollars (50-day MA) according to MACD. The future looks very promising for LTC.

On top of that, LTC has reached its highest market cap in a month, as it has now achieved $3.95 billion.

It is not just LTC though: over the course of one day, XMR has shown a 10% increase in price, with other leading cryptos like the BTC, EOS, and BCH showing a notable increase over the last 24 hours.

1 year ago

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