LTC Excepts 200 Percent Spike at $260 During Probable Bull Run

A bull run is most likely just around the corner. With that said, cryptocurrencies are bound to climb positively once the climb upwards begins. While there is no way to ensure how a bull run will happen and maintain itself, a closer analysis of data can point to similar situations in the past. 



Since its creation, LTC has seen two massive spikes in price during the end of last year and earlier in 2018 during February. During 2017, towards its end, LTC climbed in value from $98 up to a huge 277 percent increase which left the coin valued at $371 and resulting in incredible returns for any investor holding the asset during its climb. Its second significant leap was from $111 to $247, a smaller yet huge climb of 122 percent. All in all, the combined percentage of value on average was almost 200 percent.

Given the identical market situation today, LTC is valued at $87 and could possibly see a reoccurring 200 percent climb in the next few weeks leaving the currency value at $260, another major climb. Despite the data and historical pathing, there is no way to ensure a 200 percent climb let alone a surge of price for LTC. On the other hand, given how unpredictable cryptocurrencies are, LTC could even go further past 200 percent.

As of now, everything is pointing towards a probable climb. Bitcoin, the all-time leading cryptocurrency will have to open up room for LTC to climb by surging in price itself. As Bitcoin’s recent climb and the bullish trend continues, a spike in price for LTC is becoming just as apparent. These warrants caution though since cryptocurrencies are and will always remain volatile hence why detailed research and safety precautions are always advised.

2 years ago

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