LTC & BHC Join Robinhood Application

Robinhood, a stock trading application, has introduced BHC and LTC to their mobile app and including both currencies to their zero-fee platform. As the user base increased, so did their demands. The company announced partnering with both assets and applying them as tradable currencies on the platform to satisfy consumer demand. 


Prior to the two new additions, Robinhood only offered to trade with Bitcoin and Ethereum, providing limited options of currency to users. Adding to the announcement, the company stated that through their latest expansion, Robinhood operates in seventeen different states within the US and hosts more than five million active platform users.

A previous report claimed that Robinhood managed to raise more than $350 million in assets during its fourth round of funding with the company stating that more cryptocurrencies will now be allowed to join the trading exchange due to the proper funding. Since its previous funding round, the company has added seven more states to its operational services, expanding even further.

Robinhood plans to eventually serve the entire US through its exchange platform, extending their services throughout every state as stated by Baiju Bhatt, the company’s co-founder. The company’s trading platform was launched earlier this year and offered BTC and ETH as part of their initial trading pairs on the system. During the company’s launch, it only provided services to the five states before acquiring an additional five during funding and seven more states to follow after its latest series round.

2 years ago

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