Lou Kerner Suggests BTC to Become More Trusted Than Gold

As one of the best ways of storing savings. gold has continuously dominated the market as a go-to for most people who’re looking into a secure, fool-proof investment.

However, Lou Kerner of Crypto Oracle believes that BTC has an even better projected value. He also adds that in five years, people will switch over to BTC for their value savings.

Future Outlook

A lot of people in the cryptocurrency market give credit to Kerner’s vision of BTC for their ability to look at the bright side, although the market is heavily dropping. Also, during the interview, it was mention that the crypto-funder, and BKCM founder, Brian Kelly referred to people who have only just started getting into BTC investments as “nervous money”; as, they are very nervous about the possible future of their savings.

Kelly’s predictions have not been so accurate, though. Despite the fact that he is not a fortune teller, people may doubt his analytic abilities. The reason being his comment on July’s BTC peak when the price was over $8,000, he predicted that the value will keep growing for the long-term, which did not happen. Again, he now predicts that the new investments of Sachs and NYC Stock Exchange will cause very soon improvements in the market. This prediction is yet to be proved.

Kerner moves on to explain the fact that volatility is inevitable when it comes to the introduction of a new asset. He links the case with BTC to the case of junk bonds when they were introduced forty years ago. He reminds us how bonds were extremely volatile, and now that time has played its part, they became just a usual part of the economy. He continues to say that he believes BTC will share a similar fate.

2 years ago

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