London School of Economics Begins Offering Cryptocurrency Courses

London School of Economics, one of the highest-ranking academic educators in the world, has started offering cryptocurrency certification courses. The course will cost around £1,800 in total and amount to 60 hours in total as well as providing a qualification certificate upon completion.

The Course


Dr. Carsten Sørensen, a professor at LSE, will be conducting the new course at the economics school. Titled “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption”, the course will be held online and qualify those that complete is as certified cryptocurrency academics.


Cryptocurrency courses have been introduced and offered at several of the world’s leading academic institutes including NYU, Cambridge, and Stanford. LSE’s new crypto-course is priced at a reasonable cost of almost £2000 and no prior academic requirements are necessary to join the course. Launching in August, the course will consist of sixty hours in total, with around ten hours a week where the course will proceed, giving a roughly six-week participation period.


The course itself is certified and will ensure that every completing student will receive a certificate after seeing the course through.

Further Understanding


The LES has stated that the new cryptocurrency course has been launched due to the unchanging nature of the academic institution’s original purpose. LES explains that the school operates on a principal of exploring and understanding the root cause of anything and why something is what it is.


The course will blend practical and theoretical applications and understanding of cryptocurrencies and how they work in today’s world. Given the information provided by the class before its initiation, it seems to focus more on real-life applications such as how to operate digital assets and manage them, as well as storage and understand initial coin offering results.


Furthermore, the LES course will educate participants on blockchain technology and how crypto-tech is contributing to industrial and financial markets. The school also stated that the course is purely focused on educating students on crypto and blockchain technology and advice on which coins and companies to invest in will not be part of the course.

2 years ago

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