Local Ohio Authority Initiate Blockchain Based Trials

An official RFP submitted this August has drawn attention to Dublin, a suburban district within Ohio. The RFP suggests the city has taken a keen interest on  the concept of blockchain technology aiming to investigate the possibilities of blockchain technology  targeting main factors such as personal identity, storage, and applications of blockchain technology within the public sector. With this trial underway, Dublin becomes a new lead in local government blockchain exploration.

Among possible use cases suggested by proposals include the development of a secure database in which local governments could host and register information pertaining to residents. Such a network could also be used as a standardized secure method to host local voting polls for example. Officials believe that this trial database will further aid in the creation of a secured private platform for the collection and recording of personal details along with the development of a native internal crypto coin. As per the RFP, officials aim to test several use cases including an aggregated voting platform through registered users on the blockchain network.

A New Dawn for Dublin

The underlying technology of cryptocurrency is gaining utmost importance in almost every industry sector. Thus, Dublin officials also believe that with ground-breaking possibilities offered by blockchain development, the city can aim to shift its technical foundation to a more secure and versatile platform for success. With an increased understanding of the benefits blockchain tech offers industries such as the public sector, interest in further research for local governments such as Dublin has boosted significantly. Ohio authorities further aim to verify the authenticity of personal ID, conduct opinion surveys on residents, hassle-free voting polls, in addition to generating tokens with subjective valuation, through this network.

In addition to the city's RFP, Dublin governing leaders declared they won’t require any fixed budget due to the proposal's experimental nature. They will, however, plan to agree upon a proposed trial cost which will be confirmed once all proposals have been reviewed.

The declaration also stated that Ohio officials expect this blockchain based solution to become the sole distributed ledger application that will be conducted by the Ohio administrative division. They are enthusiastic about discovering solutions supported by this technical innovation to tackle far-reached problems.

2 years ago

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