Line Corporation Lists TRX to Its Platform

As the operator of nation’s most popular messenger application and an internet operating company within Japan, Line has just introduced Tron as the latest cryptocurrency to be listed on its exchange, Bitbox. As of now, TRX is the first digital coin to be successfully approved by the exchange’s committee and be part of the previously listed coins including BTC, Ethereum, and other major cryptocurrencies.

The Platform

Bitbox, currently focused on extending it’s the available features catered to its user database is now welcoming applications from other cryptocurrencies looking to list on the platform and prepared for the intricate review process. Tron is currently building the foundations for a new and decentralized internet. The test network was initiated earlier this year during March with the main network launched in Mary and the test network last month. In July, TRX also successfully acquired BitTorrent, the file-sharing giant.

Youngsu Ko, Line Tech Plus’ head executive, stated that as of now, Tron is a successful and sturdy technology platform, even more so following its merge with BitTorrent. He adds that the company is looking forward to constructing a mutual strategic collaboration with TRX and introducing their customers to the most efficiently effective features within the crypto-environment.

On top of the current news of the recent listing, Line has also revealed a new $20M token-based fund called Unblock Ventures. The new venture fund will prioritize investments made in tokens through a primary commitment by LVC, another company of Line. Additionally, further expansion of the fund is anticipated as the blockchain technology industry continues advancing itself.

Through the launch of a new token venture fund, Line states that the company is working on providing an additional boost to the advancement and widespread acceptance of crypto-block tech. This year, the company revealed new initiatives by them to introduce itself into the financial technology market. Through a new company founded, Line Financial Corporation, as the latest endeavor and to essentially cement itself within the financial service industry.

The new corporation is dedicated to developing and launching several services to address digital coins, loans, and insurance through its application.

2 years ago

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