LG Sets Sights on Blockchain, AI, More Via New Branding

In a statement released on Wednesday, South Korea’s LG CNS corporation detailed their plans for strategic releases of brands on their 7 platforms of recently-developed tech. The categories include AI, IoT, smart factories and cities, robotics, and energy. They aim to encourage an industrial revolution of sorts using its enterprise range.

The brandings, released using similar concepts and designs but under varying names, are a sector of LG CNS’ goal to develop a more efficient digital renovation of C2B business via crucial tech within the 4th industrial revolution as a format in which customers can put their trust, according to the statement.


ZDnet recently reported that the corporation is planning to launch a cloud-based platform, which is currently unnamed, before 2018’s end.

The company’s blockchain subsidiary, Monachain, had a launch last May with ideals based on encouraging innovative methods of identification (DID) for new customers and Internet payments using smart devices.

Their current strategy for branding within the BC platform, which is often talked about as a combo of philosophy, art and science, will assist their platform to provide a trio of services key to their success: digital currency, digital SCM, and certification.

Last June, a Taiwanese branch of tech-giant Microsoft initiated a partnership with China Binary Sale Technology as well as High Cloud in order to launch an enterprise blockchain dev endeavour. A month later, R3, the BC tech consortium, revealed an updated Corda BC platform primarily for businesses.

2 years ago

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