The LFE Teams Up With, to Incorporate the Power of Blockchain Technology

As a strategic move to provide users with the highest quality of service, the London Football Exchange created a partnership with among the most reputable software firms within the Stellar Lumens blockchain, Lightyear.10.

The LFE plans to extend the project, joining forces with the Stellar blockchain because of its scalability, international network reach, as well as speedy qualities.

The exchange hopes to facilitate the transformation of the football scene, right down to merchandise, ticketing, overall fan experiences in addition to broadcasting.

New Sports Experience 

It will soon be made possible for fans around the globe to join in on a variety of football fan and club experiences. The LFE marketplace in unison with their exchange can help facilitate fans to meet their favorite footballers, stream football centered content, acquire football club shares, and many more.

According to Ben L. Hunt, the exchange's founder, their mission is to bridge the gap between advanced technology payment solutions with the football scene. In partnership, Stellar and LFE come together perfectly with plans of introducing the power of blockchain to football fans around the world. Providing the highest standard of efficiency, speeds, and connectivity, the new partnership hopes to completely transform the global fan experience.

The exchange’s platform is driven by its own native token, carrying out all transactions within LFE and is headed to becoming football's first digital coin. The exchange is currently in the midst of developing a payments collaboration with the reputable software company,

Lightyear’s director of partnerships, Boris Reznikov stated that the firm is keen to work along with the LFE and provide their global audience with the true value of blockchain capabilities. He also noted that their revolutionary project will be a major changing force within the industry.

The exchange itself is a project focused on allowing international fans the ability to take part in a variety of industry events and gatherings.


As the very first of its kind, the initiative combines the concept of both a club stock exchange with an industry marketplace. Through the exchange, football fans now have the ability to buy shares associated with various clubs and even contribute to LFE supported foundations and charities.

The software firm,, excels in building high tech software solutions in association with the Stellar blockchain network. Working with, the firm plans to present the world with the possibility for members of the network to enjoy a cost efficient, decentralized financial platform.

2 years ago

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