Ledger Сan be Hacked Using a Simple Antenna, Experts Say

Several cybersecurity experts have decided to test the cryptocurrency wallets. It turned out that one of the most reliable — Ledger — can be hacked using a simple radio antenna.
Cybersecurity experts, led by Dmitry Nedospasov, managed to crack a hardware crypto wallet using an old-fashion radio antenna. In addition, experts have identified several more ways to crack the crypto wallets and not just Ledger.

According to experts, all attacks can be divided into three types. The first focuses on vulnerabilities in wallets supply chains. This means that hackers gain access to the device even before it falls into the hands of the client. And when a user transfers a cryptocurrency to a wallet, attackers get full access to it.

The second type is side channels attacks. Thieves hack the device itself and not the code. The last kind is glitch attacks. As part of these attacks, hackers crack the code itself and intercept user data.

Experts say they conducted all three types of attacks, and it took lot of time. They presented the results of research during the Chaos Computer Club Conference. But the representatives of the wallet were unsurprised by the experts’ findings.

Nicolas Bacca, CTO at Ledger, told CoinDesk that each of the types of attacks is incredibly unlikely in real life.

1 year ago

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