Ledger Reports Google and Samsung Investment

Reports from last year claimed that the company sold well over one million wallets. Currently, the startup is worth almost $30 million. Recently, Ledger announced that Google and Samsung would be investing in the company’s next round of funding.


As the company’s predicted value is around one billion dollars, Ledger announced a successful second round of funding in January resulting in $75 million. Last year, Ledger’s Nano S dominated in sales with Amazon, far surpassing other products in the same category.

According to Ledger, the company has set its eyes on acquiring funding from companies that will agree to commercial deals with the startup. As Ledger looks to introduce its operations into different markets, the next funding round is prepared to gain enough funds to ensure the company’s growth.

Ledger unveiled its latest hardware wallet, named the Ledger Vault, designed to assist banks and other financial participants with protecting their stored assets through robust security like multiple authorization access and more.

Investing Partners

The reported interest of both tech leaders in the company is a result of a focus on technology. Samsung, being the tech giant it is, is, of course, interested in the crypto-sphere and any technology related to it. Earlier, the South Korean company officially announced a partnership with TSMC to produce ASIC, a tool used to facilitate mining processes, on a massive scale.

As Samsung continues exploring any technological advancements and tests of their own, the company successfully reused previously own Samsung phones to create a mining device. Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, also announced his interest in cryptocurrencies, stating he was involved in mining for himself.

As it stands, no confirmed investments from Google or Samsung have been announced.

Ledger informa sobre la inversión de Google y Samsung

2 years ago

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