Ledger Designs New HardWallet Management App

Ledger has revealed its development process of a new hardware wallet designed to be the most efficient and protective digital asset storage of its kind. The French startup has been developing a separate application to provide its users with an even easier time managing their digital assets through their accounts.


Before announcing the new application, Ledger operated its application through Google Chrome. The company used the browser’s extension features to provide their services and clients had to download a new one for each cryptocurrency they held. Ledger has always expressed its dedication to providing complete security for users although their recent software performance through computer applications has been weak.

The company then announced their newest application under the name of Ledger Live, designed to redefine user experience with the company through a robustly defensive app. As one complete application, users can download Ledger Live onto their operating systems and utilize its service with their original accounts or opt for a fresh start by creating new accounts, also designed to be user-friendly for newcomers.

Clients in possession of Ledger wallets can synchronize and manage the application directly from their devices. Ledger Live analyses each wallets effectiveness and security level before upgrading its integrity and configure the Ledger device.

More Features

Ledger’s new application allows users to access and manage all their existing wallets through the same application as opposed to before when each separate wallet required its own open app. Once logged in through an account, Ledger Live retrieves all registered and operational wallets and adds them to your management tab, allowing a user to access any wallet instantly.

After a user has registered or logged into an account, the application will display all possessed assets in a detailed and easy report, highlighting all assets and acquires data related to each currency from digital exchanges. Users can take an even closer look at assets and see a detailed chart of a currency’s price history.

As opposed to applications designed to track a user’s crypto-balance, Ledger Live operates differently. The application doesn’t require a corresponding device to allow its user a balance review. New additions to the application will allow Ethereum tokens to be managed through Ledger Live and ICO earnings will remain intact as well.

Possible trading through decentralized exchanges may soon be a part of Ledger Live and the company has said that it would provide a better alternative to centralized exchange usage.

2 years ago

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