Ledger Announces Many New Cryptocurrency Listings

As the largest and leading cryptocurrency hardware company on the planet, Ledger has just announced listing several new cryptocurrencies to its services. Making the announcement on Twitter, the company has revealed the addition of PoA, Ontology, RSK and many more cryptos.


In addition to the announced updates, the post on Twitter revealed Ledger’s roadmap on Trello, allowing viewers to notify themselves about Ledger’s cryptocurrency release schedule through real-time updates, including live features and methods of possible feedback through the platform.

Ledger has decided to add support for these cryptocurrencies to the new Ledge Live software program aimed at aiding in asset management for users during a time where it’s experiencing incredible amounts of development and expansion. The company saw its launch four years ago during the infamous hack on Mt.Gox and has been dedicated to providing solid and trusted solutions to all the users in terms of asset storage and protection.

Since its launch, Ledger sales have skyrocketed to another level. The company has managed to sell over one million physical crypto-wallets last year and has successfully concluded its second crowdfunding round at the beginning of this year, managing to gather around $75M in gains and its current valuation is reported to be at $1B.

Currently, Ledger is looking to sign up with influential partners within the industry willing to ink commercial contracts with the company and additional reports state that Ledger has drawn the attention of major tech-players like Google and Samsung.

2 years ago

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