Lead Software Maintainer at Monero Calls Ethereum Idiotic

The lead software maintainer at Monero, Riccardo Spagni, imposed some  harsh criticism on Ethereum via Twitter when he was replying to Joanna Rutkowska’s Twitter thread, Golem’s CSO. Spagni, who uses the moniker fluffypony, described Ethereum as a concept that’s idiotic and unscalable and hasn’t lived up to its world computer hype and hasn’t even helped build any beneficial apps or a strong decentralized structure.


He further mentioned ConsenSys, one of Ethereum’s development firms, and stated that it has more than one thousand employees and just 2 decentralized apps within the Ethereum networks.

Building on a Proven Base

Further along the thread on Twitter, Spagni started arguing that the best way to design a decentralized structure that is highly secured is by building on a base that’s already been proven and is strong enough. A good example, in his opinion, is the Lightning Network above BTC, but Ethereum doesn’t qualify in that regard.

Spagni had been responding to Rutkowska’s Twitter thread who started a discussion about figuring out the critical features of Ethereum computer as opposed to details of implementation. She wondered on the thread if catapulting a conventional server into orbit would be a solution that’s as rationally convenient as using Ethereum.

She cleared up the fact that her comments weren’t meant as a way to replace Ethereum completely with Elon Musk satellites, but that this was an thought experiment relating to the roadmap and significance of Ethereum.

Smart Contracts Have Flaws Too

Spagni commented on a few other issues within the Twitter thread. He said that he sees smart contracts as broken because Ethareum has encouraged developers to use JavaScript to create them.

He also noted that systems which are based on platforms should start by dealing with real needs and that dApps are just many different solutions for a nonexistent problem. He stated that he hasn’t seen any dApp that has started defining various markets.

Spagni, a resident of South Africa, had forked the codebase of Monero with others so that the technology doesn’t die out, even though, according to him, nobody wanted an altcoin to begin with.

1 year ago

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