Lawyer Makes an Investment of $300 M to Launch A Crypto City

Consumer protection attorney Jeffrey Berns is the Chief Executive Officer and also the owner of a firm that just purchased a piece of land in the Nevada desert called Blockchains LLC, for $170 million, that’s 67,000 acres in size. Berns just announced his intentions to start building a crypto-based smart city and that he made an investment worth $300 million in order to make the project happen.


Sandbox City Coming Soon

It was reported that Berns, whose law career was mainly focused on class action lawsuits filed versus large organizations that provide financial services, had created a fortune from ETH investments back in 2015. Today, he wants to contribute to the digital community and launch Sandbox City.

The widespread project will serve as a model of operating a smart city that is based on a blockchain-based structure that powers it. There will also be an advanced technological park for projects that present a mix of blockchain tech and AI, as well as, 3D printing plus nanotech. There will also be residential areas that will provide homes to thousands of individuals, along with many retail shops. There are also plans to include an esports arena as well as a studio for the creative arts.

A Military Bunker and Easy Banking

Crypto developers can benefit from a gathering destination and investors have an appealing tax location. In addition, the company has a lot more to offer the crypto community. According to Berns, he purchased 2 military bunkers that had become available in the US which had been decommissioned, so as to provide to physical security for storing digital funds. However, outside the US the firm has already bought a type of fortress just below a solid granite mountain located in Switzerland, with another in Sweden.

Another feature that will be available in Sandbox City is a friendly banking system, as Berns shared the fact that he purchased a bank which promises easy fiat solutions within the crypto space. He revealed that the decision came after his bank had shut down all his cards following an announcement that he was a Coinbase user, while having a lawsuit in opposition to the IRS requiring the handing over of all client information by the platform.

Blockchains LLC has partnered up with NV Energy, the public electricity service in Nevada, to collaborate on any energy-related projects that are operated via blockchain.

1 year ago

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