LA Dodgers Host Crypto Giveaway Exchangeable with ETH

Dodger Insider issued a press release September 7th announcing an upcoming crypto giveaway hosted by the LA Dodgers. The American league will offer athlete crypto coins to fans which are exchangeable to Ether. The giveaway is set to take place 21st of September as the team participates in a game with the San Diego Padres. Each athlete token will represent a professional member of the team including pitchers Kenley Jansen and Clayton Kershaw in addition to Justin Turner who plays a baseman.


The First Sports Industry’s Crypto Event

The press release also mentioned that these customized coins will be offered to the initial forty thousand viewers that enter the stadium. Each individual will be provided with an unblockable code that transfers to a linked Ether digital wallet. Player-based tokens will be issued in random from an equal supply of codes associated with each of the aforementioned players.

The team’s Chief Marketing Officer and VP, Lon Rosen explained that as an industry first, this digital currency giveaway will facilitate the start of a contemporary marketplace for sports fans. He also noted that it will boost engagement  from Dodger supporters initiating an era of virtual collectibles as well as online promotion.

Major Sports Teams Join the Crypto Frenzie

The LA Dodgers are not the only sports team exploring the world of cryptocurrency. This summer popular basketball team, Sacramento Kings, established a partnership with MiningStore, a digital currency mining supplier. The project will implement specialized hardware for ETH mining into the structure of a professional court which will essentially transfer digital funds directly to a scholarship program.

Another merge between the crypto and sports industry took place this June when Binance, the current largest digital asset trading platform, invested in an online sports voting network called chiliZ. The blockchain venture aims to create a space for greater sports industry in which fans can engage with their favorite sports teams through an interactive token crypto community.

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