Back Trading Strategies Platform is Live has finally launched its new trading solutions platform designed to allow crypto-traders to create guaranteed trading strategies. Launching with a huge success, the native token, KRL is also listed live on QRYPTOS. 

The Tokens

KRL’s generation saw a successful breakthrough for the platform resulting in 3600 Ether collected and over 24000 users registering with the platform to begin trading. is now ready to initiate its final version of the platform in August following QRYPTOS and its listing. Its mobile app will see its own launch in November 2018.

 As everyone knows, cryptocurrencies and their trading services are incredibly volatile and unpredictable and solid, ensured strategies are the key to any investors success. The platform is designed to simply creating new strategies and solutions between traders and are guaranteed to work through an editing “Drag and drop” feature utilizing WYSIWYT, essentially what is displayed is what’s traded. 

Through the platform, any level of automatic trading solutions can be created by users, either simple ones or more advanced mechanisms that properly operate without the need to have studied and understand CPU programming. The platform also hosts several key services and features like market indicators, price triggers, intricate analysis, cryptocurrency mining and more. 

Using all the available features, Traders will design and a one-of-a-kind trading platform and test the tech on the company’s sandbox. Since its launch under QUOINE in 2017, a financial technology firm, QRYPTOS continues providing an elite-class of services to each user. With more firms throughout Asia, QUOINE is built on blockchain-tech and has an impressive record of providing fantastic services to customers and was licensed by Japan’s FSA as their first ever licensing to a platform. 

2 years ago

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