Kraken Allowed Trading with Bitcoin Cash SV

One of the oldest and largest US crypto exchanges allowed customers to trade the recent fork of BCH - Bitcoin Cash SV.

Initially, Kraken promised to support only one of the opposing BCH developer camps. It favored Bitcoin ABC. But 3 days after the hard fork, the crypto exchange has changed its mind and allowed users to trade the other branch of the blockchain Bitcoin SV.

However, the exchange notified customers that Bitcoin SV is a high-risk investment. And because of the war between miners, the platform cannot guarantee the safety of customer money. Moreover, Kraken will not be able to protect customers from attacks on the blockchain. 

According to Coindance, at the time of publication Bitcoin ABC is securing the support from miners, users and business. This camp of developers has on its side 58% of hash rates, 68% of nodes in the system and at least support of 73% Bitcoin Cash companies.

1 year ago

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