Kik’s Crypto, KIN Now Functional on a Dozen New Mobile Apps

Over the last few weeks, ten mobile applications which utilized famed messenger app Kik’s own crypto, KIN, have officially been launched. The digital currency was created a year ago after Kik hosted an initial coin offering valued at almost $100 million.


New Apps

Via the various apps offered, users are able to purchase features using the crypto, or earn KIN by performing certain tasks. One example of this is through Blastchat, a social media site, that rewards participants for posting content.

KIN had originally been launched under ETH’s framework, but shifted to Stellar in order to benefit from feeless transactions. At the moment, there are 8 apps on the Android platform that utilize the crypto, including, Vent, and more. In addition, two recently launched apps are being revealed for iOS: Blaschat and Pause For.

These are not the first applications to be launched using KIN. The crypto collaborated with Perfect365, a beauty-related app that utilized AR technology and a reward system for users. Kinit, another rewards app, also uses the currency to compensate users for participating in quizzes and tasks.

Despite the progress, KIN has run into various technical snags. Some users claim they are unable to withdraw tokens, but the project’s team stated that they are working to find a solution.

1 year ago

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