Kickstarter Campaign Launched to Support Crypto Documentary

Cryptopia, is a new documentary that talks about internet decentralization and the advance in cryptocurrencies. The filmmaker has come up with a campaign on Kickstarter to collect the needed funds. He is looking to fund the whole film with just $15,886. Out of that amount, $14,966 has already been pledged by various backers. This project can only be funded if the campaign’s goals are fulfilled by 13 November.


Torsten Hoffmann

The filmmaker behind the project is Torsten Hoffman, who is not a new face in cryptos. The Melbourne-based filmmaker’s first film was about bitcoin and began as well with a campaign on Kickstarter that raised A$17,362 back in 2014. When the documentary was released in July 2015, it quickly became among the most pirated documentaries during that year and also won the Van Gogh award in Amsterdam.

Today, Hoffman is returning with another documentary that talks about larger concerns with BTC, blockchains, and the internet’s fate as a whole. When the first documentary came out, BTC  stood at $280. Since that time, at one point the premier crypto had reached a high of $20,000 before dropping again to about $6,000.

Cryptopia and the Future

Hoffman’s newest documentary will focus on how blockchain is becoming the internet’s future, challenging tech giants and their grip on the internet. Blockchain is being praised as the preeminent solution to privacy issues, through producing a cybertopia in which elections cannot be hacked and current institutions will not be able to force their authority upon the rest of us.

The team is looking to work on this project with a larger budget than before with plans to shoot the documentary in Australia, China, Germany, and Switzerland. Laura Sin, the popular journalist and podcaster, will be joining the project, which has reached its final production phase.

Some of the raised funds will be used to purchase educational supplies, in which A$4,500 will be used to create study guides as well as DVDs that will be accessed by both librarians and teachers. Furthermore, A$9,600 will be used for graphics and animation costs. Drones will cost them A$3,350 and for design and music work, the cost is A$4,950.

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